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Dee Zee Mud Flaps - Splash Guards offer great protection in a variety of ways that can suit whatever application you require. The Custom Molded Splash Guards offer the ability of a custom fit to protect running boards, trim and paint from chips and debree from dirt, mud and sand. The Universal Brite-Tread offers the same protection to road hazards as does the custom fit. These Splash Guards are attractive with powder coated protection and are made from brite-tread aluminim or stainless steel for durability. Dee Zee offers eight different versions of splash guards: Custom Fit, Brite-Tread, Stainless Steel, Universal Plastic, Universal Brite-Tread and Rubber W/Brite-Tread inserts, Rubber W/Stainless Steel inserts, and Plastic Dually Mud flaps. All versions of these Splash Guards are very durabe and are easy to install.
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