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Spyder Headache Racks not only protect your rear window, they can also make your truck look and function better. Headache racks allow you to haul longer items like ladders and lumber in your truck bed. If you haul long items then check out the half height rack that attaches to the rear of your truck. This item with a Spyder Headache Rack allows for the perfect ladder rack system.

A louvered headache rack helps keep direct sunlight from coming in through the back window, keeping your cab cooler. All Spyder Industries headache racks are built with steel rather than aluminum making them much stronger than any aluminum headache rack on the market today. Once assembled, all custom-built headache racks are sand blasted and then coated with a primer powder coat, followed by a black powder top coat. This makes our headache rack finish one of the most durable on the market. Customers also say our headache racks are amongst the best looking available anywhere.

Spyder Headache Racks increases security for driver and passengers. These racks are constructed from heavy duty steel. Each Spyder Headache Rack can be customized to add angled horns or flat horns to hold lumber or ladders. Additional accessories also include light mounts and rear facing lamps to illuminate your truck bed when needed. Spyder Headache Racks are the only customizable racks on the market. If your looking for a unique rack that offers you full function and cab protection then Spyder Industries is the best choice!

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