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What is a tonneau cover? Also, known as a truck bed cover these high quality products protect the bed of your truck adding storage space and weather protection. What else do they do? Most covers come with locking abilities to protect your valuables from thieves. Plus, they will save you gas mileage and are very easy to install. Tonneau covers are custom made to fit your vehicle specifically and are made with a variety of materials and styles to meet your needs. The best part about these products is the organization and cargo space your truck gains.

If you have a growing family, you know that luggage, bikes, snowboards and toys can pile up quick. Ditch the organization nightmare with a much needed tonneau cover. There are a few different types of covers that you should look into. Hard Truck Bed Covers offer the most protection because they lock and don't allow the tailgate to open. There is a solid cover like the Armor Lid that use 2 hydraulic struts to open and close. Second, there are Tri-Fold covers that intermittently fold towards the cab of the truck like the BAKFlip F1, BAKFlip G2, the Extang Solid Fold.

Soft Tonneau Covers are available in a few different styles and are generally more affordable then hard covers. The Access Roll-up Cover is the best selling cover on the market. The Truxedo TruXport and the Truxedo Lo Pro QT are very popular models. If you like the Tri-Fold style but want a soft cover the Truxedo Deuce is very easy to install and remove. Rectactable Truck Bed Covers give your truck full access. They roll in and out of a canister located in the back of your truck bed. This canister typically only takes up a small portion of your bed. Check out the RollBAK G2 or Truck Covers USA for the ultimate retractable covers.

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