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The "Rubber Universal-Fit" Category allows you to search for mud flaps, mud guards & splash guards by manufacturers that offer rubber mud flaps that fit most year, makes, and models. Rubber Universal Splash Guards or Mud Flaps generally are geared for vehicles with large tires and lifts. Rubber universal mud flaps fit directly behind the rear tires, rarely behind the front tires. Some manufacturers offer large rubber mud flaps that can be cut to fit behind the front tires of your vehicle.

Rubber Universal mud flaps, splash guards & mud guards are often cut to size based upon how high the bumper is located. Rubber Universal mud flaps are generally heavy and thick to prevent them from blowing in the wind. Universal rubber mud flaps are the most widely used application on the market because of the durability and style they offer. offers the best selection of rubber mud flaps on the web!

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