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Removable hitch mount mud flaps and splash guards are typically attached to the ball mount that is inserted into your truck receiver hitch. The receiver is what attaches to the frame of your vehicle. The hitch or ball mount is what slides into the receiver and holds your towable. Removable mud flap systems offer great protection for anything you are towing. Hands down, hitch mount systems are the best systems to prevent rock damage to towables...period.

All mud flap systems work, all mud flaps and splash guards stop dibri, however nothing stops 100% of whats laying out there on the road. Hitch mount systems have large rubber flaps or plastic brushes to stop water, mud, rocks and debris from damaging your truck or towables. Hitch mount flaps are far enough away from the rear tires that rocks, water and debris are stopped in their tracks. Nothing gets around a set of hitch mount mud flaps.

Most hitch mount mud flps are removable and offer adjustability to fit your ride. Make sure you choose a set of mudflaps that does not hang to close to the ground. You don't want your new set of mud flaps to drag, kick up rocks, or rip off while your driving. If you tow anything, we highly recommend purchasing a Hitch Mount System. Why risk your thousand dollar investments when you could pay a couple hundred bucks for a lifetime of protection! is proud to carry all hitch mount mud flap manufactures including the industry leaders Rock Tamers and Towtector.

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