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Protect your boat or camper with Towtector. The Ultimate Towing Protection System! Towtector Mud Flap System is the newest and most innovative mud guard and mud flap protection system. The patented Towtector Shield will guard against rocks, gravel, sand, mud, tar and road grime. Every Towtector is custom fit to your vehicle using the correct brush heights. Regular mudguards or mudflaps do not compare to the Towtector Shield! The towtector is easy to install in seconds. Simply attaches to the hitch of your truck, SUV or motorhome. Available in many different finishes including chrome, powder coat and aluminum. Towtector brush guards are proud to made in the USA. If you tow a trailer or boat, the Towtector removable mud flap system allows for easy hook up of lighting and electrical plugs. Don't look any further! The Towtector system will not let you down.
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