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The Rock Tamer Mud Flap System is by far the best Adjustable-Removeable brand available on the market today. They have been making these Adjustable/Removable Systems for 14 years and since the day it was introduced it has become better each year. This system has won awards and has been written up in trade magazines. The Rock Tamer Adjustable Removable Mud Flap System has been designed to fit any light duty truck on the road. It can be adjusted to fit a small midsize truck all the way to a 1 ton dually. It can be adjusted for width or height and can be easily removed when not in use. It is lightweight for ease of assembly and can be easily stored. When towing valuable toys such as expensive car haulers or race boats and Stainless Steel travel trailers it's a must!!

Why damage what you so dearly spent thousands for by not having a Mud Flap system designed especially for that reason. The Rock Tamer brand is guaranteed for life, so that in itself tells what kind of product it is. The parts are made of high quality injected aluminum with Stainless Steel parts. The Mud Flaps have been designed to hang straight and not flap in the wind. Tools are provided with each kit for assembly.

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