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Innovation is under the roof at Dee Zee. America's Heartland gives way to five buildings comprised of almost 700,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing, packaging, warehouse and shipping. State of the art machines within these walls equip Dee Zee to set trends in the market.

Dee Zee was among the first to offer factory controlled powder-coat protection to aluminum products. Whether the coating is clear or black, the powder-coat finish prevents oxidation on the material to last the LIFE of your truck.

Dee Zee has the ability to put some materials through an in-house vacuum metallization process. A very thin layer of metal is applied to the desired surface to produce a brilliant shine. This eco-friendly process limits damaging waste into the Earth.

When Dee Zee is in need of a new machine or die, they don't have to look far. Dee Zee operates Tool and Die facility to produce in-house machines, CNC machining programs, and die-castings. Dee Zee also operates a Stamping facility with various presses to produce complex die stampings.

The uses of robotics in Dee Zee facilities provide accuracy and efficiency. The robots not only allow Dee Zee to keep the cost of their products lower, but ensure damage free product handling and precision welding techniques.

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