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This is the only Adjustable-Removable system and quite frankly it is the top of the food chain for Mud Flap & Splash Guard systems. This systems allows for full adjustment for any type of vehicle, from a mid-size truck to dually applications. The Hitch Mount Adjustable-Removable System has been designed for towing in mind. When the tongue weight changes so does the bumper height, thus an adjustment can be made. This Mud Flap system can be removed as well. When you are not towing it can be removed and stored until the need arises for it's use again. The hardware and construction of these units offer the strength to go the distance. Whether your towing a boat down to the lake a couple of miles down the road or headed to Alaska; they're built to take the abuse.

Made from the best materials, they'll do the job. Since these systems attach to the Hitch Mount, no drilling is necessary thus no damage to your vehicle. When towing a $120,000 boat or a Travel Trailer worth as much, why not allow yourself an insurance policy and prevent damage to your most prized possessions by acquiring one of these Mud Flap Systems.

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