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VPR 4x4 Bumpers are heavy duty, aerodynamic bumpers designed for both on and off-road use. Each bumper is like nothing you have seen on the market. VPR 4x4 Bumpers are designed for Extreme Terrain. VPR 4x4 makes two unique styles for you to choose from: Ultima and Rally. The Ultima Bumper is designed for on and off road use. This bumper is designed with rivets and finished with a black powder coat. The Rally Bumper gives your truck or jeep and off-road style. Made of tubular steel, the Rally Bumper is extremely unique and is a one of kind aftermarket bumper. The Rally style is available for select models!

These full armor bumpers feature durable 4mm steel sheets making them extremely strong. VPR 4x4 has electrostatic painting and chassis reinforcements support for maximum protection. The VPR 4x4 rock rails fit snug to your truck or jeep. Keeping your vehicle free from damage is the name of the game and VPR is the brand to do it. The Rally Bumper is a welded tube bumper made for the extreme off road enthusiast. If your looking for an on road extreme option go with the Ultima series. These are seriously the coolest bumpers on the market with rivets and strong welds making this bumper strong and hardcore!

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