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Finally a good mud flap for your Subaru or Mitsubishi car! Rally Armor mud flaps are specifically designed for your Subaru, Mitsubishi and Mazda. Tired of watching mud and rocks chip up the paint on the side of your car? Those days are officially over. Rally Armor mud flaps come in three different styles. These include "Basic", "Classic" and "UR" aka Polyurethane. The Rally Armor "Basic" Series is a black mud flap with a black rally armor logo. These mud guards are good for common road debris, rocks and flying mud. Rally Armors Basic mud flaps are an affordable solution for Subaru Impreza owners interested in a flap that will protect and deflect using direct application hardware.

With the "UR" Series you have the option of a red or black mud flap and multiple color options for the rally armor logo. Plus, the "UR" Series is highly desirable for its flexibility, durability and high impact resistance. The "UR" Series is the literally the icing on the cake. When it comes to mud flaps that is! Finally, the "Classic" Series is a polyblend mud flap that is matte in finish. This makes for a great universal flap that fits any car. The construction is a dense, durable material that is less flexible then the UR Series. This flap is designed to take punishment from Rally cars!
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