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These two styles are an affordable Fuel Door Cover. Usually these come in ABS Chrome or Black Plastic Finish. They simply attach to your current fuel door using double sided 3M Tape. The second type is replacement Fuel Doors. These gas covers come in aluminum, chrome and black and completely replace your existing gas cover.

There are a variety of finishes to add style and distinguish your vehicle from the rest. These include chrome Fuel Doors, Black Powder Coat and billet fuel doors. You also have the option of gas covers with rivets and locking options. If you want the safety and security of keeping your fuel in your tank then a locking fuel door can save the day.

Locking fuel doors from All Sales stop theft and save you money in the long run. RBP Fuel Doors are a great option if your looking to add the RBP logo to your truck. Rampage is the leading manufacturer of Jeep Fuel Doors. Available in Black Powder Coat, Billet Aluminum and Chrome Fuel Door Covers.
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