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American Force Wheels are on sale now at! American Force wheels are a long term investment in both durability and style. With the proper tires mounted, these wheels are designed to save you anywhere from 4 to 6 times amount of miles per tire. American Force Dually Wheels are praised for their durability, looks, and performance. Have you ever heard the express "Big feet means a big..." Well, in this case, big wheels means a big, good looking truck! Not only do these American Force wheels perform but they are extremely functional.

American Force Wheels are available for both single wheel and dually trucks. Single wheel styles are followed by an "SS" after the name of the style. Browse the full American Force selection below. Most wheels are available for Ford, Chevy, Dodge and GMC Trucks. Wheels are also available in chrome and black powder coat. Get excited! These are hands down the best aftermarket wheels on the market. Popular styles include: Strike, Stripes, Independence, Classic and E-Clips. You are guaranteed the best style on the road with a set of American Force wheels.

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American Force Models Include: Beast SS, Bison SS, Blast, Burst SS, Caliber, Classic, Classic SS, Compass, Compass SS, Conflict, Conflict SS, Constitution, Diamond, Diamond SS, Dolla, EVO, EVO SS, Flame, Flame SS, Freedom, Fusion, Fusion SS, Hawk, Hawk SS, Hero SS, Holes, Independence, Independence SS, Inferno, Inferno SS, Judge SS, Justice, Justice SS, Klasse, Klasse SS, Liberty, Liberty SS, Magnum, Magnum SS, Phantom, Raptor, Raptor SS, Rebel SS, Recon SS, Robust, Robust SS, Rush, Rush SS, Shift, Shift SS, Snap, Snap SS, Spyder SS, Stars, Strike, Stripes, Surge SS, Target SS, Tilt, Titan, Titan SS, Torque SS, Trigger, Typhoon, Union, E-Clips