Why choose the Towtector System?

Towtector® Removable Hitch Mount Mud Flaps allow for full width coverage across the entire width of your full size truck, dually, RV or Motor-Home, stopping road debris for maximum protection. Extra thick brush guard provides exceptional coverage and protection in all weather conditions. The Towtector® Removable Hitch Mount Mud Flaps and brush guard system works very well in any conditions. The polypropylene is extremely durable and looks great on the back of any vehicle, Truck or RV. Mudflaps.com offers this superior system for those seeking the best possible protection for their towables.

How does the Towtector System work?

Towtector® Removable Hitch Mount Mud Flaps are mounted by simply clamping to your ball mount tube. Check to see that you have a minimum of 1.25" of space on your ball mount when attached to your receiver.

How do I measure my truck to choose the proper brush height?

Measure from the ground to the top of your receiver when your vehicle is hooked up to your towable. When ordering your Towtector® Removable Hitch Mount Mud Flaps make sure you have at least 2" to 4" of ground clearance to avoid damage to the system or your vehicle. If you purchase the Towtector brush strips too long, simply cut to the desired height with household scissors.

What are the benefits of my Towtector System?

Traditional mudflaps were made to protect only the vehicle they are mounted on. They were NOT made to protect what you are towing!! Towtector® Shield spans across the full width of your vehicle virtually stopping all road debris for maximum protection. Protect the value of your trailer, boat, camper or other towed items from harmful road debris!