If you are looking for a cost effective solution to protect your towables from rocks, debris, dirt, mud and whatever else the road tosses into the air, look no further. Smart Solutions Rock Solid Tow Guard is a maximum protection mud flap system. Rock Solid Protective Guard mounts on your rear bumper. The system uses durable, lightweight rubber blend strips to shield towed vehicle and allow for ventilation. Rocks and debris can kick up from both your front and rear tires making it difficult for rear mud flaps to do the job right. The Smart Solutions Rock Solid Tow Guard knocks down all dirt, water spray, debris and rocks because it mounts to the rear bumper and covers virtually the entire rear of the vehicle.

The Smart Solutions Rock Solid Tow Guard is light weight and easy to install. Simply trim or eliminate strips to accommodate mufflers, hitches or wiring. Includes galvanized steel mounting brackets. Includes two sections and installation hardware. The system may require some drilling for perfect fit with your vehicle. When mounting your Smart Solutions Rock Solid Tow Guard measure from bumper to ground and subtract 4" to determine correct height. Proper mounting and height adjustment is essential for maximum protection and safety.

The Rock Solid Tow Guard is available for Truck, Motorhomes & RVs and even SUV's applications.