If your in the market for front end protection you have to check out this Go Industries Big Tex Grille Guard. Yeah, there are plenty of other grille guards but do yourself a favor and upgrade to the best. The Big Tex brush guard is the industry leading two inch chrome grill guard. Take it from us... This guard is thick, sturdy and strong. You never know what is going to jump out in front of your ride and put your truck and your family in danger. with the Big Tex grille guard you don't have to worry about a thing. This baby will take obstacles in your way and turn them to roadkill.

This brush guards unique design, heavy outside welds and giant size results in a grille guard that won't bend flex or vibrate when in use. Go Industries takes pride in building ONLY heavy duty products. The guard is made up of heavy duty uprights that act as push bars for anything in your way and then the loop assembly that completely covers your headlights. A major benefit of the Big Tex is how easy it mounts to your frame, plus you retain your factory tow hooks. There are many grille guards out there that will attach to your tow hooks giving you no access to them in times of need.