We know very well the beauties of a fine truck, and all of the fantastic and awesome things they can do for us. With some of the larger-sized trucks, we also understand that climbing in and out of it can be a bit of pain, which is why running boards are some of our most popular custom truck accessories.

These running boards provide that extra step and support that many people need in order to enter a truck comfortably. Children especially benefit from these, as their small stature can turn climbing into a truck into something that's way more complicated than it should be. The extra support, traction and grip also makes it safer when you are exiting your truck, especially if your shoes or the running boards are wet from snow or rain. On top of being very useful, running boards are some of our more stylish accessories, and they come available in stainless steel and in black, which matches well with just about any truck. In addition to these features, they are also rather simple to install! While some may require a certain amount of drilling, most running boards attach to the pre-existing factory made holes on your truck. Whether you normally drive solo or carry passengers around, running boards are a fantastic accessory that can be utilized by everyone who enters your truck.