Go Industries is the industry leader in brush guards for trucks and SUV's. But what makes them so successful? At Mudflaps.com we think the success of Go Industries comes from the quality materials and craftsmanship. Brush guards are not made with the same materials or quality from brand to brand. You have companies that mass produce brush guards and inexpensive prices overseas. But then you have Go Industries producing high quality grille guards with heavy duty steel in made here in the USA.

Go Industries offers three unique brush guards with different purposes. First you have the Big Tex Grille Guard. This is the king of guards with a two inch heavy duty chrome ring and strong uprights. Its unique design makes it virtually indestructible and vibration proof. Fully welded inside and out this thick brush guard bolts on to the frame and your ready to go.

If your looking for the grand daddy of brush guards check out the Rancher Grille Guard. This guard is built for maximum front end protection. If you often find your self in situations where your truck needs some extra support, than this brush guard is for you. Plus, the Rancher Grille Guard features a built in step plate for easy access to your engine.

Moving on to the light weight division, we have the Knockdown brush guard. This Go Industries bolt-together grille guard is attractive, flexible and economical. This rugged, off-road style push bar comes in two pieces. It is a center mount push bar or you can add the headlight guards to make it a full brush guard. For under $300 bucks you can get yourself a light duty grille guard with the high quality materials made in the USA.

At the end of the day we are all looking for the best products for your trucks. We think its important that you get the down low as to what products out do others. Go Industries stands alone as the leader in custom truck accessories and especially brush guards.