If you keep seeing the word splash guard then you may be wondering what is this magical word? Its pretty simple really. A splash guard is the same thing as a mud flap. The only real difference is the fact that splash guards are typically associated with passenger cars and SUV vehicles. So lets take the time to go over some basic mud flap 101...

Mud flaps for cars are available in both rubber and plastic. In today's market, most mud flaps are made with high quality ABS plastic that is made to resist extremely high and low temperatures. If you insist on a rubber mud flap then you're in luck. They still exist and are very, very durable. Mud flaps are often equipped on new vehicles to keep rocks from jumping up and damaging vehicle paint. The most common application for these vehicles are "Molded Splash Guards". Molded or custom fit means each product is custom made to fit the vehicles curves. Molded flaps often deliver a good looking fit and don't stand out, which in most cases is the idea behind a mud flap.

Often times people decide to spice up their flaps. This is pretty easy in today's market with both logo mud flaps and loads of anchor weights or stainless steel mud flap accessories. Logo splash guards are available for most makes and models and range in size. Plasticolor is the top manufacturer for logo flaps with designs like Yosemite Sam, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Flames and more! Sizes range from 7" x 11" to 9" x 15".

At the end of the day mud flaps are pretty simple and pretty fun. They protect your vehicle and people behind you from annoying windshield rock chips and other damage. Splash guards are available in custom fit, made specifically for your car or SUV. Plus, they come in universal style to fit any vehicle under the sun. Don't over think these great protection products as they are cheap and efficient.