If you own and boat or trailer then it's important to read this article. When you purchase a new boat or trailer, most people overlook the road obstacles that your new prize is going to face. A large portion of our phone calls come from people looking for a mud flap system to protect their trailer from damage. Damage that has already happened to their trailer! What people don't realize is that you need to buy or fabricate a mud flap system BEFORE your trailer has damage to the front end. This is were the Towtector comes in! The Towtector is a strong, durable brush system that covers the entire rear of your vehicle stopping any debris from hitting your trailer.

What are the benefits of a full rear mud flap? Having protection across the back of your truck or SUV eliminates rocks and mud from destroying your towables. Normal mud flaps work well for protecting your fenders. What they don't do is stop rocks that are flying horizontally into your trailer. The Towtector sits 3" to 4" above the ground and using heavy brush strips keeps anything from penetrating the brushes. The Towtector also features a anti-sail bracket which keeps the brushes from flying into the air at high speeds. The system attaches to any 2" or 2.5" receiver hitch and is installed in 15 minutes or less. This is extremely handy if you have multiple vehicles. You can simply un-bolt and swap out the Towetector on any vehicle.

Mud flaps really aren't rock science. At the end of the day, you have to look at what works. Towtector looks nice and works well, plus 15 years in business shows the longevity of the company. If you have questions on this product feel free to inquire. We back this system 100% and urge you to protect your boat and trailer before you find yourself staring at a collection of rocks on the front end of your investments.