has the pleasure of selling the Heavy Duty adjustable tire carrier by TeraFlex, Part Number 4838150K. This might be the hottest product we have ever carried. The TeraFlex Heavy Duty Adjustable Tire Carrier spreads the load and weight of the tire to more than just one hinge point which is allows for larger tires to be fully accounted for. By incorporating and using the factory tailgate hinge mounting points spread and separating the load as far apart as possible TeraFlex was able to create a triangle support model resulting in superior strength a durability. The main component of the tire carrier is made with A356.2 T6 Aluminum keeping the carrier light weight. Plus, we all know T6 Billet is extremely strong.

Watch the video we post below to see the fitment of the HD Hinged Carrier on a TeraFlex built jeep. It looks extremely clean and provides additional mounting points for off road accessories such as recovery jack and fluid containers. The factory Jeep tub provides substantial internal gussets and bracing that easily supports the new tire carrier and oversized tire. The HD hinge brackets are forged steel and the HD 5/8" hinge pins are constructed from cold formed high-carbon hardened steel. The combination of mounting location and HD mounting brackets provides one of the strongest, rattle-free tire carriers on the market today. The TeraFlex HD tire carrier removes all stress from the gate by utilizing the HD reinforcement carrier as the load-carrying component, in effect it carries the weight of the tailgate assembly and the spare tire. Email us today for coupon codes and special savings.