Mud flaps are often overlooked as a necessary truck accessory. Today we will talk about hitch mud flaps and the reasons you need a set if you tow anything. Don't make the mistake of letting your trailer, airstream, toy hauler, snowmobiles or boat get damaged by rocks flying from the rear tires of your truck. Make not mistake about it, no matter where you drive, your truck will kick rocks up from the rear tires and they will fly toward the back of your vehicle. I mean, it's common sense. Now how do you prevent damage to your towables? It's pretty easy. You invest in products that will stop damage from happening. These products happen to be mud flaps and brush guards. And we aren't talking about mud flaps that you put on your rear wheels either. We are talking about hitch mud flap systems. A complete system that mounts to the rear of your vehicle designed specifically to protect what you're towing. Below is an example of a hitch mount system.

So why do hitch mud flaps work the best for stopping rocks and debris from hitting your towables? There are a few reasons. First, normal truck mud flaps behind your tires don't stop rocks from shooting directly behind your vehicle. Normal mud flaps work great for keeping rocks off your own truck because of the length and angle they are mounted. So, you actually need mud flaps that are further from the rear wheels to make sure all the rocks and debris can be stopped. By sitting further back behind the vehicle, any rocks that fly from your wheels go directly into the hitch mud flaps and drop to the ground. It's so simple, yet overlooked by most people that haul trailers.

So which mud flap system do you choose? We offer 5 systems that are all unique in their own ways. The most popular system on the market is the Rock Tamers. The Rock Tamers system is shown above. What makes it so special? The system is built from forged aluminum so it's extremely durable and will not rust over time. Secondly, the system is full adjustable to work with SUV's, full size trucks and dually trucks. The flaps are huge 24" x 24" flaps that can be trimmed in length to work with vehicles of all heights. Also, the mud flaps are thick and don't blow in the wind like one would expect. Another question most people have is: Do rocks still come through the center of the mud flaps? (The middle portion of the system where there are no mud flaps)... The truth is, these mud flaps are so wide that it's extremely unlikely that rocks will get past the flaps. Most rocks kick directly behind the tires and even with a center gap open the tires are covered by the massive 24" mud flaps. If this is a concern of your, we do offer another solution. The Towtector Full Brush Guard System (see below).

The Towtector hitch system fits over any 2" and 2.5" ball mount and gives complete rear end coverage. Instead of using a mud flap system, Towtector uses thick plastic brush strips that can take serious abuse over time. It's easy to see how rocks and debris have no chance of damaging your boat with this system. The rocks hit the brushes and instantly drop to the ground. Also, the system has three different widths: 70" for SUV's, 78" for full size trucks and 96" for Dually Trucks and Motor Homes. Plus, the Towtector is affordable and easy to mount. Click here to learn more about the Towtector system.