About Us

The Beginning

The history of mudflaps.com dates back to 1994, when Neil Knoer had an idea for a system of removable mud flaps for trucks. For years, whenever Neil had to transport his prized tournament boat, rock damage from the road would continuously claim the beautiful gel coat that made the boat glisten. The trailer frame also took a beating, and the paint from the trailer and the boat would peel and chip as a result of the damage. The front of the fifth wheel trailer was just as difficult to protect from the same road damage that plagued his boat. After investing in the costly gel coat repair, and fixing the dings on the fifth wheel, Neil came up with a way to provide additional protection from road damage while towing these expensive investments.

Rock Tamers

Neil determined bigger mud flaps, attached near the bumper and further away from the rear wheels of the truck, would help reduce rock damage. As an avid car and truck enthusiast, permanently attached mud flaps were not an attractive option. Drilling or welding on any truck to install permanent mud flaps was not something anyone who enjoys the aesthetic beauty of a vehicle wanted to do. Neil needed mud flaps for his truck though, so he sought out to make sure that he had the best of both worlds.

Neil spent countless hours designing and building his first removable set of mud flaps. Encouraged by the number of friends and family who saw them and wanted a set made for them, Neil forged ahead with his idea with the firm belief that there was a need for this type of a product. Nothing like it existed in the current marketplace at the time, which only increased the need for such a product. After going through many designs and prototypes, the patented ENKAY system of Rock Tamers is the only adjustable and removable mud flap system designed for use on any full size truck that utilizes a ball mount and receiver hitch.

By 2010, the Rock Tamer System made its way from Neil's garage to being distributed worldwide. The Rock Tamers brand was repositioned from the Mudflaps.com to its own URL at Rocktamers.com, thus increasing product identity and moving traffic directly to the Rock Tamers website. Mudflaps.com was created to offer consumers the ability to select from the largest, most extensive supply of mud flaps and splash guard applications. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the widest selection and variety of mud flaps and splash guards, in addition to other items like running boards and floor mats.

The Company Today

Many of the other truck and car accessory websites offer a wide variety of parts and accessories, however Mudflaps.com continues to focus on mud flaps, while at the same time maintaining a massive supply of other parts and even custom truck accessories. Mudflaps.com offers the consumer the opportunity to have the greatest selection and price range that will best fit their needs, without having to search numerous websites.

As the demand for a complete one-stop car and custom truck accessories shop grew, Mudflaps.com continuously expanded its product database to meet the needs of customers. Mudflaps.com now offers the largest selection of mud flaps and splash guards on the planet, along with all the truck and car accessories a true automotive enthusiast desires. Truck bed caps, custom truck asscessories, ladder racks, nerf bars, and brush guards are just a few of the many products we offer. With over 250,000 products and over 250 brands available we can get you virtually anything you need for your vehicle.

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