AMP Research

AMP Research invention tends to be one of those: Why didn’t I think of that ideas? Amp Research has taken a basic idea and perfected their work with a handful of highly innovative products. The simple solution to complex problems have enabled this company to create the most popular running boards on the market! The AMP Power Step or Power Running Boards, though seemingly simple, are complex and intricate in design. Finding a simple, functional solution to a complex design challenge has made these guys stand out in the crowd. As Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

When you look at an AMP Research product you instantly know they are produced with the highest quality parts and craftsmanship. The materials represent function, durability and most importantly flawless design. The AMP Bed Xtender HD has taken the original Bed Extender to the next level. Hands down, AMP Research has focused on moving forward with their designs, delivering more and more innovation to the truck accessories market year to year.

  • PowerStep by AMP Research The re-invented POWERSTEP by AMP Research is the most powerful electric running board on the market. These boards are built with a fully slip-resistant and fully-illuminated step! The AMP Research PowerStep is a full automatic retractable truck step that extends when any door is opened and retracting when all doors are closed. The step automatically stores itself under your truck and out of sight adding 4-6 inches of clearance compared to nerf bars and typically running boards. The flawless lines, all-weather performance and legendary reliability have set the standard for power running boards!
  • Bed Xtender by AMP Research The All New BEDXTENDER HD The new Bed Xtender HD has been fully renovated! The innovation never stops with AMP Research. They took the best selling Bed Xtender on the market and turned it into a piece of art. Oh, that piece of art is also extremely durable and made for heavy use! Completely redesigned from the inside out, the all new Bed Xtended HD is hand-craft to perfection. Features include a new torque-resistant composite uprights. As always: Made in the USA and backed by a sickening 3-year/36,000-mile warranty! That's how we do it!