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Action Accessories offers one of the best selections of Custom Mud-Flaps, Anchor Weights, Mud-Flap Ornaments, and Ball Mounts in the industry. Action has taken Mud-Flaps to a entirely new level by offering applications for those seeking something out of the ordinary. Custom Stainless Steel Logo and Scenery weights that dress up Mud-Flap applications so that they're just a utility application but an accessory the actually makes the vehicle look better. Action is one of the few manufacturers that build flaps for lifted trucks with big tires. With the increasing attention by local and state governments towards lifted trucks with big tires there now is an answer. Action offers flaps that can also be removed when you don't wish to have them on your truck.

Action Accessories products are made from the best available materials with workmanship second to none. If your looking for something more than just a Mudflap, then check out Action, you'll be glad you did!

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