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Towtector® Pro hitch mount mud-flaps (removable) allow for full width coverage across the entire width of your full size truck, dually, RV or Motor-Home, stopping road debris for maximum protection. Extra thick brush guard provides exceptional coverage and protection in all weather conditions. Installation is very easy taking minutes and allows for electrical access and hookup. The Towtector® Pro hitch mount mud-flaps and brush guard system works very well in any conditions. The polypropylene is extremely durable and looks great on the back of any vehicle, Truck or RV. offers this superior system for those seeking the best possible protection for their towables.

  • Stops road debris for maximum protection
  • Extra-Thick brush material provides exceptional coverage
  • Made from durable polypropylene
  • Installation is easy and allow for easy electrical hookups
  • Comes with wall bracket for easy storage
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