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If your looking for a set of high quality mud flaps check out Vortex Mud Guards. The #1 selling Ford Raptor Mud Flaps for trucks. Vortex mud flaps are made of high quality plastic and guaranteed to protect your vehicle from paint chips and rock debris. Vortex mud flaps are available in three different sizes to fit passenger cars, small trucks, vans and full size trucks. Vortex mud flaps have a louvered design allowing air and moisture to flow through the flap and stopping all other debris. The 76000 Series Vortex Mud Guard Splash Guards by Hopkins are designed to protect the vehicle from chipping, pitting and rusting. These vortex guards are great because they decreases wind resistance. Worried about fuel economy? Vortex solves that problem. These mudflaps for ford trucks improve fuel economy and allow air and moisture to pass through mud guard. What are you waiting for? Vortex mud flaps are the new standard in the industry. Plus, these are the #1 selling SVT Raptor mud flaps on the planet!
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