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N-Fab bumpers are the grand daddy of front bumper replacements. The N-Fab RSP front bumper is made for the off-road enthusiast in mind giving you the capability to mount 4 massive fog lamps. Or... If your lucky enough to own a Toyota Tundra, you can mount 2 38" LED Lights from Rigid. Each RSP Bumper comes standard with a 3/16" aluminum skid plate and bolts directly to your vehicle. If your new to the bumper world, then let us tell you this is the ultimate off road bumper. Why? Most bumpers sag and don't give you enough clearance at the front of your ride. Not happening here! The skid plate plus steep angle gives you the best off-road clearance.

Each product is a one piece design and hand welded for maximum strength and durability. Looking to light up your way? The RSP Front bumper offers the ability to mount 2 Rigid Industries LED Light bars or four 9" fog lamps. Pick your poison! The warranty alone lets you know that this bumper is worth the cash! Each bumper comes with free shipping.
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