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Rigid LED Lights are the brightest LED's on the planet. Rigid Industries makes high quality, super bright LED light bars and bulbs that double the intensity of normal fog lamps or auxiliary lights. If your looking for the newest LED's technology than you have to check out these Rigid Light Bars. These are not your ordinary light bars and are considered custom LED's by the industry standards.

Here is an example of the power requirements from an LED light: The "Dually" produces 1300 Lumens and uses only about 15 watts @ 1 amp - less power than it takes to operate a turn signal! Powerful "Fog Lamps" can require up to 50W to match the same power of a 15W Dually driving light.

Rigid light bars will add serious style to your ride. With the low prices at you know have the option of getting LED's at exceptional prices. These super bright LED light bars are the top of the line, must have technology. If you can really go for it, check out the 38" Rigid LED bars and attach them to your N Fab RSP Front Bumper. This is an impressive setup and was the highlight of the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Not only are xenon and halogen lights going out of style, but Rigid Industries LED's are coming onto the scene quick.

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