Tonneau Covers

What is a tonneau cover?

They are high quality products made to protect your truck bed by adding cargo space, security and weather protection. At, we have the best covers that will leave you wondering how you lived without them. What else do they do? Most truck bed covers come with locking capabilities to protect your cargo from theft. Additional benefits include increased gas mileage and simple installation. Each cover is made to fit your vehicle specifically, with a variety of materials and styles to meet your needs. The best part about these products is the organization and cargo space your truck gains.

How to shop for truck covers?

First, decide what type of cover you are looking for. These types include: roll up covers, retractable covers, folding and tri-fold covers, hard ABS plastic covers, low-profile designs, full tilt hard covers and more. Below you will find a huge list of products made by the leading manufacturers. There is virtually any cover to fit your budget, ranging from $250 to $2500 and up. If you need help finding a cover, call one of our experts at 1-720-242-7322! If you don't like the price, make us an offer! We offer heavy discounts on almost every cover we carry.

  • Extang Tonneau Covers Extang is the largest manufacturer of covers in the world for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, GMC, Nissan and more. Top sellers include the solid fold hard folding cover, Express roll up cover, Revolution low profile, full tilt one piece abs hard cover, black max snap on, tuff tonno click-to-lock cover, platinum all snap on and the all new Extang Encore. Not all covers are created equal and here's why! The craftsmanship, material quality and warranty are very important. Take it from us, Extang warranties range from 5 years to a staggering lifetime! You know your making the right choice when it comes to weather protection and cargo management.

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  • Truxedo Tonneau Covers Truxedo brings you the best covers on the market while brings you the lowest price. You might be looking at this page with over ten brands wondering where to start. Here's the low down... Truxedo is the best quality for the price! Truxedo makes the popular Lo Pro QT roll up cover with slim line, low profile design. Truxedo offers the Duece; the only soft folding cover. Plus, the tonneau mate toolbox, edge and truxport covers at snap on prices. The only roll up cover with a cargo management system and the best lo profile covers for minimal visibility.

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  • Bak Industries BakFlip G2 | Folding Cover (Good) Folding cover made from tough, aluminum panels Made from tough, aluminum panels this BakFLIP G2 hard cover delivers security like a bank vault. Plus, this cover is designed to operate easily from both sides of your truck. Weather protection is similar to the F1 with the ability to handle any kind of climate. Unlike other brands, the G2 gives you the ability to use your stake pockets. Simply fold the cover up when you need to stow a bike, coolers and other cargo and fold it down when you need to lock in your goods.

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  • Bak Industries RollBAK G2 | Retractable Cover Retractable cover made from extremely thick, non rust aluminum The RollBak G2 retractable cover is a power house among the competition. Other truck covers that retract are made from thin aluminum with a vinyl cover laminated to it. Not this one! Bak Industries takes pride in thick, heavy duty aluminum products. The slats are then powder coated with a rugged finish which is baked on and guaranteed for life and leaving your product in the same condition as when you purchased it. Don't settle for a cover you don't want. Choose the best!

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  • Bak Industries BakFlip HD | Folding Cover (Best) Folding cover made of all aircraft quality aluminum panels The BakFlip HD takes the F1 and the G2 to the next level. This all aluminum heavy duty hard folding tonneau is hands down the best folding cover on the market. This awesome truck bed cover gives you full access to your truck bed from any angle plus the strength and durability of a BAK cover. The BakFLIP HD is produced from aircraft grade aluminum and offers refined features from powder-coated components to a thicker core. It is built to outlast your truck and will handle a staggering 400lbs of weight including your beer drinking friends or some lovely ladies.

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  • Bak Industries BakFlip F1 | Folding Cover (Better) Folding cover made with fiberglass reinforced polymer. The BakFLIP F1 is a fiberglass reinforced polymer cover that turns heads and saves time. This truck bed cover provides ridiculous impact resistance while the aluminum underside gives a castle like security stronghold. The BakFLIP F1 was designed for those that use their covers to the max. This cover is the ultimate choice for hail, ice and snow because it can handle the elements like no other.

    From $834 plus FREE SHIPPING!

  • Truck Covers USA | American Work Cover with Tool Box
  • Truck Covers USA | American Roll Cover Aluminum Retractable Cover The American roll up cover is best described as a heavy duty tank. With this Truck Covers USA cover you get unparalleled strength and security that's built to last. Not to mention this cover comes with bells and whistles, plus head-turning good looks. The heavy duty retractable cover is made from double-wall heavy-duty aluminum panels that can support an amazing 500+lbs.

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  • BakFlip CS | Hard Folding Cover with Rack System The BakFlip CS tonneau cover by Bak Industries is available for most domestic and imported pickup trucks. This hard tonneau cover is the combination of a strong, durable tonneau cover and a built to last ladder rack. If you're in the market for a high end, solid, durable, impact resistant, all season truck bed cover with an integrated rack that performs as well as it looks, the BakFlip CS hard folding tonneau and rack combination is built especially for you. The BakFlip CS is the worlds only hard folding tonneau cover with a built in rack system.
  • Advantage Truck Covers Advantage brings you the TorzaTop, the original folding pickup truck cover. Plus the Adavantage Hard Hat, a secure, solid folding truck cover. If that's not right check out the Sure-Fit, a soft snap-on cover alternative to your truck cover needs. For a great set of covers at an affordable price Advantage Truck Accessories is a great solution.

    Covers starting at $404.95!

  • Access Vanish | Low Profile Roll Up Cover Low profile truck cover that sits only 1" above the truck bed. The Access Vanish delivers features like all weather coverage and better MPG and yet lies only 1 inch above the truck box. Seriously, the Vanish is the lowest profile cover that comes with the lowest price. Standard components such as the automatic tension control, hook and loop sealing system and handy trigger release are hard to overlook. The EZ-Dial Tension adjuster lets you set cover tension with the turn of a dial, no tools needed. Two slide locks work with your locking tailgate to give you additional protection.

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  • Access Toolbox Roll Up Cover Toolbox truck bed cover made of all aluminum construction, roll up bars and bows. Real world tested and approved, the unique design fits effortlessly behind an over-the-rail toolbox. The XT-DIAL tension adjusters let you hand tune the tarp tightness with a few easy turns, no complicated springs, levers or tools needed. The smooth 1" hook and loop running the full length of the bed mean there are no snaps or debris catching tracks to get in the way.

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  • Access Original | Roll Up Cover | Best Selling Roll up cover uses bed rails to increase truck bed capacity. This is the cover that started it all! Access truck bed covers feature state of the art technology. With aluminum construction, roll up bars and bows and UV resistant double coated vinyl fabric. The exclusive XT-DIAL tension adjusters let you hand tune the tarp tightness with a few easy turns, no complicated springs, levers or tools needed.

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  • Access Lorado | Low Profile Roll Up Cover Low profile cover with angled rails provide a streamlined design. All the same must-have features of the original. The Access Lorado Rollup Cover is a sleek, lower profile version of the original Access Cover. The low profile angled rails provide a streamlined design with all the same must-have features of the Access cover like all aluminum construction, roll-up bars and bows and UV resistant double coated vinyl fabric. The tarp stays flexible in any weather, even 40 degrees below zero, which means easy opening and closing.

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  • Access Lite Rider | Roll Up Cover Roll up cover uses bed rails to increase truck bed capacity. The motto is: get a whole lot of tonneau without breaking the bank and that's what you will do. The Access Literider gives you more without sacrificing features or built-to-last components. Access Literider Roll Up covers have all aluminum construction, roll up bars and bows and UV resistant double coated vinyl fabric. Is this cover adjustable? YES! The EZ-Dial Tension adjuster allows the cover tension to be set at the turn of a dial. No tools are needed!

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  • Undercover | Hard Covers Undercover hard shell covers are made of strong ABS Plastic. Undercover hard shell tonneau covers install in about 30 minutes with no drilling or measuring. Quick-release hardware means it goes on or comes off in seconds. Once off, the Undercover Hard Cover can be hung up and out of the way with the included wall-mount hardware. And with its multi-point seal, custom fit and dual stainless steel locks, the elements and would-be-thieves are kept outside and away from your cargo.

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  • Pace Edwards | Electric Covers The leader in electric covers Pace Edwards is known for the amazing and one of a kind electric Bedlocker and Jack Rabbit. This cover puts snap covers and other retractable covers to shame. This cover freatures a high quality, heavy duty motor and key chain fob to control the cover. No more manual sliding and closing of the lid. This cover does everything and anything you need from weather protection to the ultimate in security.

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  • Lund Truck Bed Covers If it's worth carrying, it's worth protecting This is the motto behind Lund International cargo products. Lund brings you high-quality, beautifully designed covers that are simple to install keeping your cargo safe from weather and scandalous thieves. Lund offers over eight different covers from low profile, tri-fold, diamond plate and snap covers that will improve gas mileage and cargo space for years to come!
  • Bak Industries BakBox Collapsible cargo/toolbox that snaps onto the rail of any BakFlip cover Simple and easy installation make this toolbox a great addition to your truck. When it's installed you can hardly see the box. It is sleek, durable and well designed. The BakBOX is made to accent any BakFlip cover and will undoubtedly be a strong point to your truck if you need additional storage for your tools and accessories.

    From $210 plus FREE SHIPPING!